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You know how to tell when your getting older? Well if you dont have anything that you really want for your birthday, that would be a hint. I think this is the first time that I really didnt want anything at all.  Even with consitant prying from Sarah, she couldnt get me to find anything I wanted. I guess when you reach a certian age you get what you want when you can afford to buy it regardless if its your birthday or not.

If you havent read my first Post the purpose for this blog is I am seeing if I can acomplish a 1st place ranking for the search term “Jake Lee“.  As of to day I have moved up to the 11th position. Its not no #1 but I am hoping to be on the first page in the next week or so.

I am hoping to get a website built to claim my space on the web but just havent had time. I wll Let you know when I do.

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Why Google sucks

I dont know how many of you use google but I do,…Alot! Being in the line of work I do I have to use it, say, 2-300 times a day and about half that for Yahoo. These search engines want you to build a website and then tell people about it and then sit back and hope it rises to the top. That will never happen unless your making a “nailclippers for cockroaches” site. To be a player in the game you HAVE to do what everyone else is doing and then some and then hope you dont get caught. Thats Bullshit!

Let me back up for a minute and for those of you that dont know, here is what a search engine is supposed to do. GIVE YOU THE MOST RELEVANT SEARCH RESULT!!!!! For instance, if you do a search for lets just say “lees country rv” here is what you get.
lcrvgoog Notice on this particular search that we are #1. Here is the kicker, look at #4. Michana RV. You cant see it but there are over 250,000 search results for the search term “lees country rv” and the #4 spot goes to someone that has nothing to do with “Lees” nor says anything about “lees Country RV” on their website. That’s pretty relevant isn’t it? Google really done their job on this one.

How did they do it? Easy, so easy my 10 y/o daughter could do it.  I don’t think they did it on purpose nor do I care that they are ranking on our search term I just wish google would let me do my job “legally” per say.

Here’s how they accomplished this doosey.michiana If you notice to the right, leescountry rv is  the link and the url its pointing to is http://www.michianarv.com . When i first checked they only had one link like this but today when I checked there was about 5 more. I still believe this is not their doing but the flaw in the system. There I said my two cents for the day and I will get over it.

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The Real Jake Lee

Friday, it dont get much better than this. I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend. Sorry I’ve been gone so long, I have been hard at it working on my rv refrigerator page on our new website. I never would of guessed that it would of taken this long to do one catagory.

Well I plan to try to rank my name for something in google, any ideas? I think that something like ” The Real Jake Lee “.

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IM Back

ok so I know I been out of the flow for a bit but I am back. I have been working on www.rvpartsdealer.com24-7 but I can breath now. Its time to get back to my grind!! So whats this I hear the Jonas bros are splittin? My daughters life is about to come to a screeching halt when she hears this. LOL!! Who wants to hear what I think about the auto bailout?…….?    Anybody? Well your gonna hear it anyway! Its CRAP, hey I want some money too but ya think I’ll gets some? NO.

What makes them think that I should pay for their lack of preparation? Seriously think about it, they want not the government to bail them out but us. Who do you think is really paying for it? I am all for helping some one in need but have some common sense on who is really needy. Who needs the help, the people who make the cars or the people that buy the cars? If people cant afford to buy the cars then what makes them think that getting money from the bailout is going to help them sell them!! And thats all I got ta say bout that!

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Snap Socks

Ok has anyone heard of the snap socks?  They are just like any other sock but they have this little snap on them to keep them together when in the wash and dryer. This is ingenius. Nine times out of ten when I’m doing laundry the right socks don’t get together. Now if they are work socks I could care less but if I want a pair when I am wearing shorts or my dress socks then its a bigger deal to get ones that are at least the same shade of dirty, lol. I dont know about the rest of the world but I have the worst time putting my dark brown, dark blue and blacks with the right match. This would solve all that, with ease. I guess as soon as you take them off you snap them together and throw them in the dirty clothes and don’t unsnap till you put them on. These definitely get the Jake Lee seal of approval! Lol till next time…

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Its FriiiiiDaaaayyyy

A Popular radio station WEBN says that every Friday and its probably the highlight of my morning hearing that. It gives me a sense of hope that its almost over. Don’t get me wrong I love my job it just by Friday I am ready to have a couple days off. Just for the record I would like to know who ever thought of the 5 day work week. They need to be shot, hung, stoned and beaten. Four days is plenty, with three days off Who could complain?

Jake Lee

Well anyway one of the reasons I am doing this blog is because I want to brand the name Jake Lee to be associated with me. It might sound a bit shallow but trust me its not its more like my little project. Its going to be a little tuffer than I thought because there is a few other people with the same name as me that have acomplished alot more. At least one anyway, some drummer or something, but he seems to be pretty popular.

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Jake Is Hurting

Ok let me start by saying owwwwee. Well now that’s out of the way we live in a fairly large house, which I built myself. Its not huge, but it is to us. Its not so much length by width but its has really tall ceilings. Twenty two foot seven inch to the peak, their cathedral. On one side of the house are the kids bedrooms and on the other side is the kitchen and dining room. The living room is in the middle which goes from the front of the house to the back and our bedroom is above the kitchen and dining room. I’m going somewhere here so stay with me, and then there is the full basement. Not that this is relevant but I got away with only two support post in the entire length by beefing up the beam. Anyway our house looks like a log cabin only framed with lumber rather than logs. The two kids bedrooms are pretty big too with vaulted ceilings. The reason I am telling you all this is so you can understand the amount of space I have to heat and cool. In the summer our electric bill is about 300 a month and is mostly because of the air conditioner. In the winter it drops to about 80 to 90 bucks awesome huh, well my gas bill goes up about 230 bucks so I end up spending about 300 dollars year round for heat and air until… I bought a wood burning stove last year. This is the way to go, I thought Free Heat, just put in the wood and save some money. Let me say last year I saved about a thousand bucks by burning wood so you better believe I’m doing it again. Here’s the catch, I cut my own wood. I don’t have to but wood around here is about 50 bucks a rick and I will burn about 5-6 rick a year. So as a father son tradition we are chopping our own. It usually takes about a week of working in the evenings to get what we need but let me tell you its labor intense! Especially if all you do is sit in front of a computer all day. I hurt in places I didn’t even know you could hurt in and I’m gonna be honest it hurts to type. LOL No matter what, it is worth it even though we have only done it for a couple of years the time spent with my son is something I will never forget. Quentin’s first words this morning were are we spliting again tonight dad, some how I dont think he is hurting near as much as I am. LOL

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Wheres Jake Lee

Well this is where it all begins eh? I ve created a blog and have nothing to blog about. The life of a blogger. I guess I could blog about what I do? Ok here goes, I SEO websites Like leescountryrv.com, Cornboards.com and a few others. These two are my projects though, one is established and the other one is a brand new one so that should be fun. I have several blogs that I enjoy reading, Matt Cutts and other secret sites. The one thing I dont like about my job is its like a big secret. Its hard to find good white hat information that you can trust. I love the challenge of it though. I will try to keep you up to date with my success on my sites and if I can give any pointers let me know, I am always willing to help.

Jake Lee

Well thats my first blog enjoy

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Jake Lee Presents

Guess who’s back Back again Jake Lee’s back Tell a friend Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back….

Ok got me a new blog home now so now the real work begins. The real Jake Lee was born in Muncie,Indaian moved to New Castle till 1990 then moved to Batesville,In…..home of your future coffin! Creepy eh, Not really, it could be worse right? Ok gotta go, at least wanted to get this started before we left, I’ve been puttin it off for a while but here I am. I Will Be BACK

I’ll try to work on the looks tomorrow

Jake Lee

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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